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job titles explained 

Explore career options with Sebastians Corporate Cafe & Catering.

Below is a list of positions we hire for.

district manager

District Manager will act as the key link between the headquarters and assigned district’s units. You will help units stay up to date with company policies and you will ensure focus on increasing sales and building productive customers’ relations. The successful candidate will oversee district’s day-to-day operations and will carry out company policies and guidelines.

café / chef manager

Chef manager works at a café and is a management position, past management experience may have to be proven. It is also important to be able to show cooking skills and adequate job experience in the food service field. The chef manager will also have to take inventory and order supplies when they are low, ensuring that the products received are fresh and of quality. The manager will have a budget with which to work, so it is important to be able to find the highest quality ingredients at an affordable price. Duties such as scheduling, hiring, and disciplinary actions are also assigned. The chef manager will also often have to carry out cooking duties firsthand, as well as offer help to chefs and other staff whenever it is needed. In some cases, the chef manager will need to arrange the menu offerings and come up with recipes to be cooked in the establishment. Public speaking skills are important, as the chef manager will often have to train staff as to cooking skills and proper habits within the kitchen. The chef manager must make sure that the quality of food is always up to par and that the presentation of the foods is attractive. Strong communication skills are needed in order to successfully direct staff and interact with customers and vendors.

support manager

All new cafe/chef managers start training through our support team model. After training, the support manager may be assigned to their own café location.

lead cook

Lead cook prepare food and assist in managing other back-of-the-house workers. Communicating clearly so that others in the kitchen understand expectations and exactly what to do. Showing commitment to food safety in the workplace. Focusing on teamwork in order to maintain operational flow and workplace morale. Multitasking to perform various cooking and managing duties at the same time.

prep cook

Prep Cook will assist in the preparation of delicious dishes in the kitchen. You’ll perform routine kitchen tasks such as setting up workstations and ingredients, so that food can be prepared according to recipes. A great prep cook will be quick and diligent and willing to improve on the job. You will be deft and able to follow instructions as well as all health and safety rules in the kitchen. The ideal candidate will also be able to function in a fast-paced, busy environment as a part of a team.

salad / prep cook

The Salad Bar / Prep Cook associate will be responsible for preparing, cooking and cutting salad bar items as well as maintaining the salad bar to ensure it is fully stocked and clean. Duties to include chopping vegetables, grilling/roasting vegetables, protein and preparing composed salad. The Salad Bar / Prep Cook will clean and sanitize work stations and production equipment.

deli / prep cook

The Deli/Prep Cook associate will be responsible for preparing vegetables, portioning, condiments and slice delicatessen items as well as maintaining the station to ensure it is fully stocked and clean. The Deli/Prep Cook will clean and sanitize work stations and production equipment.

grill / prep cook

The Grill/Prep Cook associate will be responsible for preparing breakfast and lunch vegetables, grill, fry food items and prepare daily special as well as maintaining the station to ensure it is fully stocked and clean. The Deli/Prep Cook will clean and sanitize work stations and production equipment.


Barista will prepare and serve hot and cold beverages, including various types of coffee and tea. Barista responsibilities include educating customers on our drink’s menu, making recommendations based on their preferences, up-selling special items and taking orders. To be successful in this role, you should have customer service skills and knowledge of how brewing equipment operates.

cashier / café associate

Cashier/café associate will possess excellent customer service skills. The Cashier will scan the customer’s selections, ensure that prices and quantities are accurate, accept payments, issue receipts, answer inquiries, and provide helpful information to customers products, promotions, or item location. You will also respond to complaints in a positive manner, direct concerns to chef manager and maintain a clean workspace. To succeed as a Cashier, you should have a strong work ethic and high level of accuracy. You should be responsible, attentive to customer needs, and committed to providing excellent service. 

utility / dishwasher associate

Essential members of any restaurant staff, dishwashers are not only responsible for making sure dishware is spotless, but they must also keep the kitchen clean and clear of garbage and hazardous clutter.

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