our responsibility

Sebastians Corporate Cafés provide products and services which meet our client's needs without compromising our environment and society.

Our commitment to developing a sustainable business is integrated into our culture and is expected of every supplier and associate we work with.

We are helping to change practices throughout the foodservice industry.

proud to partner with

local growers

Sebastians continues to work with food distributors and suppliers who share our environmental concerns and favor those who share our commitment to protect the environment.


This includes serving locally grown produce, foods and products sourced from local farms and companies. 


We serve these products every day in our cafes.


animal welfare

Responsible sourcing is deeply important to Sebastians Corporate Cafés and central to our mission of operating with integrity.

working together to

reduce our carbon footprint

We know that by partnering with our clients and customers on environmental issues we can have a greater impact across the food chain. The quality of our environment is everyone's responsibility, and we're doing our part while collaborating with clients, customers, and suppliers.

biogdegradable and compostable programs
green initiatives and related costs


in upgrading your foodservice?